A Care Organizer is a tool that can help you organize important information about your child.

Bring the organizer to appointments and meetings so you can easily share information with doctors, therapists, and school or child care staff.

“I use a Care Organizer to organize my thoughts and concerns before a doctor’s appointment. It gives me confidence and credibility.”

How can I organize my child’s health information?

ddCreate a care organizer to store your child’s information. It can help you:

  • Keep track of medicines or treatments
  • Organize contact information for health care providers and community organizations
  • Prepare for appointments
  • File information about your child’s health history

How do I get started?

  • Gather existing information such as discharge reports, clinic visit summaries, immunization records, school plan, test results and care plans. Read this list of commonly requested documents for ideas on what to keep.
  • Build an organizer using a 3-ring binder, expandable folder, box or other device.
  • Create your own sections using tabbed or pocket dividers.
  • Clear page protectors make it easy to remove pages and business cards.
  • Bring the organizer to appointments and meetings to share information and keep track of new information.

Tools and forms for managing your child’s care:

Download the entire Care Organizer (all the files below included)
Download individual Care Organizer pages:

Contact Information

Tracking Tools



Support Resources




Equipment and Supplies






Document Your Child’s Care Plan

Visit Care Plans for Parents for information on creating a Care Plan. Be sure to include copies in your Care Organizer.