Family Engagement Training Materials

Our training workshops help parents and caregivers of children with special needs become involved as advisors, collaborators and advocates within the systems of care for their children. The workshop guides are for use by individuals who have in-depth experience in group facilitation and working with parents and caregivers of children with special needs.

  1. Becoming a Family Advocate
    • 3-hour training
    • Foundational curriculum for becoming a family advocate (also called family advisor)
    • Covers what it means to be a family advocate; the ways and settings in which one can advocate; and basic skills that assist parents in their effectiveness as a family advocate
  2. Telling Your Story With a Purpose
    • 4-hour session
    • For parents and caregivers who would like to advocate for policy or systems-level change for children.
    • Covers what it means to advocate for change, how to define an issue and how to use personal experiences as examples.
    • Includes developing a 2- to 3-minute presentation that could be delivered to decision-makers, such as legislators, a school board, or a city council.

Guidelines for Using Training Materials

  1. We ask that you do not charge people to attend the training (unless to cover expenses).
  2. For each training you give, please email us with the following information :
    • Date of training
    • Number of attendees
    • Copies of evaluations of the training
    • Any suggested modifications to the training

If you have questions about the training materials, please contact Kim Arthur at

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