Consider how much to share about your child and family

How much should you share about your child and family if you become a family advisor?  Talking about your personal experiences can be a very effective way to illustrate a point and influence people’s thinking.


Self-disclosure makes good sense when:

  • You’re at a time and place in your life where you have some perspective on your situation.
  • The story has benefit for others.  It’s not about your personal agenda, frustration, or current issue.
  • You feel ready to share it. Trust your instincts. Share those parts of the experience that you feel ready to talk about. It is fine to keep some parts private.
  • You are relatively comfortable talking about your experience.  You don’t feel overly vulnerable, exposed or shamed by sharing the story with others.


Guidelines for self-disclosure:

  • Stay with the focus of the conversation and the point you want to make – less is usually more.
  • Protect the privacy of others.  Be mindful about what details you share about whom.  Stick with YOUR experiences.
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