The information below includes resources, information on organizations and advice about mental health conditions in children and teens. Whether you are trying to find help for your child, get answers for what your teen is struggling with, or you are in crisis; you can find helpful options and information here.

Navigating: click on the images below for specific mental health resources based on what you and your family need right now.

What mental health conditions do children and youth get?

What are SIGNS that my child or teen may have a mental health condition?

If I have a concern about my child or teen, WHERE do I get them evaluated?

How can I FIND a mental health provider for my child?

Where can I get SUPPORT?

What are some helpful RESOURCES and websites?

What if we are in CRISIS?

Did you know 13 to 20% of school age youth have a mental health condition during their school years? Take this short quiz to learn more about mental health conditions in children and teens.

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