• Staff at the new TSA Cares Help Line can talk with you about your child’s specific needs prior to your trip. They answer questions about screening, security, what and how to pack, and they can make arrangements for in person support at the airport (best if calls are made 72 hours before travel). Contact TSA Cares at 1-855-787-2227.
  • If you run into challenges at the airport or need extra help, ask for a TSA Passenger Support Specialist or a supervisor. They get additional training and can offer assistance (allow extra time).
  • When going through security, take out all medical and necessary liquids and put them in a bin. Be prepared to explain the need for these items to the security officer.
  • If you have challenges with a security officer, calmly ask to speak to their supervisor or a passenger support specialist. Some officers are new to their positions or have not had experience with particular needs or issues. Remain calm and communicate clearly.
  • You can request a private screening when going through security. This may take extra time.
  • If your child is very anxious about the upcoming flight, contact TSA at your local airport to schedule a practice run prior to your flight. It is a great way to let your child practice going through security and helping them learn what to expect.
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