Finding ResourcesHelpful links to Washington based organizations focused on assisting families who have children with special needs.  Read more

Summer Camp Directory: Find summer camps and programs for children with special health needs in Washington State by condition, region, month …read more.

Inclusive Playgrounds and Parks: Use our interactive map to find an accessible playground near you! Each listing provides detailed information… read more.

Dental Care Tips: Learn about children with special needs’ unique oral health issues, tips for a healthy mouth, and how to find and prepare for a dental visit.  Read more

Emergency Preparedness: How to plan, pack and what to consider in case of an emergency.  Read more

Resource Directory: Use our directory to find Washington state resources in your area, by county, to help you in caring for your child’s needs.  Read more

Safety Tips: Find information and tips for a variety of different diagnoses and situations such as car safety, water safety, fire safety, and playground safety.  Read more

Recreation and Sports: Recreation opportunities and resources for your family and child with special needs.  Read more

Air Travel Preparation: Travel tips from parents, TSA information, disease-specific resources and medical forms for traveling with your child.  Read more

Special Needs Childcare: Find resources about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and special needs childcare for professionals and families.  Read more

Mental Health Conditions in Children and Teens: resources, information on organizations and advice about mental health conditions in children and teens. Read more

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