We’ve separated our health care related documents and forms into categories to make it easier for you to track down the information needed.

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Getting To Know Me (PDF)
Download the 'Getting To Know Me' (PDF)

Having one form that you can show to multiple people and organizations will make sharing your child’s information so much easier. It’ll keep you from having to repeat yourself each time, and you won’t forget anything.

  • Transition to Adulthood for Youth with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities.  Download
  • Checklist for Transitioning to Adult Healthcare.  Download
  • Poster on Transitioning to Adult Healthcare (partner piece to Checklist for Transitioning to Adult Healthcare). Download


Deciding and Telling Worksheet for Teens (English)


Time Away from Home Preparation Worksheets (Download all worksheets)


Teen Transition Planning Documents

  1. Getting to Know Me (English): Provides space to write about your general health, strengths, challenges and is the first of three care plan forms.


  2. In Case of Emergency (English): Provides information that would be critical to people caring for you in an emergency. It is designed so that you can carry it with you at all times in your wallet.


  3. What’s the Plan (English): Designed to help you organize your questions and concerns. Helps plan for doctor visits and includes space for writing down “next steps.”

Emergency Preparedness For Children with Special Needs (EnglishSpanish)

Playground Safety Translation Handouts (SpanishRussian)


Safety Tips Educational Materials

Printable Washington Resources for Children with Special Needs (by county)

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