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Selected tools and resources for parents and caregivers who support children with special health care needs.

This resource is intended to support you as you navigate this new world and your important role on your child’s healthcare team. It features video clips of parents sharing some of what they’ve learned over time.

Keep track of medicines, therapy, treatments and organize contact information for health care providers, therapists and community organizations.

Important county and state resources and how to find them for parents with children who have special health care needs.

Find summer camps and programs for children with special health needs in Washington State by condition, region, month and more.

We’ve selected a sample of resources that parents have found useful along the way.

Learn the basics of special education for children and youth ages 3-21 and how to get started.

Returning to school after a hospitalization can be an important step in your child’s recovery and rehabilitation. A key ingredient for this process to go well is good communication.

Gather resources to help you and your teen/young adult make the next life steps.

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