Due to a loss of state funding, the Center for Children with Special Needs closed for its doors effective September 30, 2018. This directory lists camps that were offered summer 2018. Please note, this directory does not include individual camp information including dates for summer 2019. You will need to visit the individual camp websites for specific information

Autistic Community Activity Program, Inc., (ACAP)

ACAP has served people with autism (ASD) since 1987, providing a quality summer long day camp program which combines a classroom routine with daily community activities and recreation. The mission of our organization is to provide education through recreation for people with autism.

ACAP’s summer-long program services include: life-skills education, relationship development, social skills, communication skills, travel training, teaching appropriate community behaviors, and reading environmental cues, all while having fun in an urban camp setting. ACAP integrates people with ASD into the community by providing structure in a variety of settings while teaching these vital but much-neglected skills which those with ASD must be deliberately taught, through subtle but distinct teaching methods. ACAP campers make positive strides in learning and adapting while engaging in a variety of camp environments. At ACAP, we change lives.

Phone: 503-649-2066
Summer Camp Type: Day Camp
Camp Website: http://www.acappdx.org/about-us
Camp Location: Beaverton, Milwaukie and Portland, OR
Camp Region: Southwestern
Target Age: Ages 7+
Siblings Allowed: Yes
Volunteers Needed?: Yes
Languages (in addition to English): N/A
Sponsored by: 

Serves Children with: N/A

Specific Condition/Diagnoses:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

Camp Description:

  • Skills training and practice in life skills: leadership skills; social skills; relationship development; communication skills; safety behaviors; community behaviors; money and transaction skills; literacy skills, sequencing and following directions; adaption skills and community awareness.
  • We use visuals such as “trip books”, employing PECS, maps for daily activities and social story style education.
  • Participants will help in activity planning by “voting”/contributing to chosen activities.
  • We welcome volunteers to help with camp set-up and our annual family picnic.
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