Linkages Fall 2017: Neuromuscular Disease Resources

Neuromuscular Disease Resources for OT/PT’s, nurses, primary care providers, school nurses, teachers and parents. Includes school specific resources.

Linkages Summer 2017: Asthma Resources

The Linkages Asthma Resources newsletter features materials that may be helpful for families with limited English proficiency and low health literacy.

Linkages Winter 2017: Mental and Behavioral Health Resources

Linkages Winter 2017: Mental and Behavioral Health Resources is a newsletter for professionals who work with children who have ongoing health conditions or disabilities.

Linkages Fall 2016: Transition to Adulthood

Transition to Adulthood for Youth with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

Linkages Summer 2016: Diabetes Type 1

Summer 2016 Linkages covers best practices for students with diabetes, sick day and emergency plans, hemoglobin A1C, Glucagon and diabetes apps, school resources, tips for teens, eating out and snacks.

Linkages Winter 2015: Period of PURPLE Crying

Understanding normal patterns of infant crying and learning coping skills significantly reduces the likelihood a child will be shaken or abused.

Linkages Fall 2015: Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) information on recovery, resources and returning to school.

Linkages Fall 2014: Back To School After A Hospital Stay

Back To School After A Hospital Stay - Resources and planning tools for children returning to school after a long illness or hospital stay.

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