Suggestions from parents who have experience with their child returning to school after being in the hospital or a time of serious illness.


  • Connect with other parents! Talk to your medical team to see if you can connect with families who have gone through a similar situation. Visit the Support and Connection page for more information.
  • If you have other children at the same school, talk with them about their needs and concerns.
  • Encourage school staff to remember that your child’s illness does not define their siblings. Siblings will need support as individuals with their own needs and interests.


Sharing Information:

  • Use a shared online or printed calendar to share medical and therapy appointments with school and other caregivers.
  • It is important for middle and high school students or their parents to stay in touch with teachers by email during their illness and recovery so that they can negotiate a change in work load, get assignments modified or excused, and communicate if they are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Some families have kept teachers updated on the day-to-day life of their child during school absences. If you maintain a blog, consider sharing this information with school staff.


Getting Organized:

  • Think about making emergency and or comfort kits your child can keep at school (e.g., food, medication, and comfort care items).
  • Consider creating a group email or text template to facilitate contacting everyone on your child’s school and medical team.
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