Create opportunities to build confidence and a sense of mastery.

Parents want their children to feel good about themselves and to be as confident and capable as they can possibly be. This growth happens over time and through experiencing success and accomplishments, usually one small step at a time.  Day-to-day life offers countless opportunities for your child or teen to build this sense of mastery on many fronts, including their health.

How to build your child’s confidence in managing their health care:

  • Help your child know herself/himself well–their personal strengths and challenges.
  • Prepare your child with an understanding of the unique realities of their health condition. This self-knowledge will inform and guide the choices they make.
  • Engage your child in shared decision-making, at whatever level fits for you and your child.
  • Be responsive to your child’s initiative, suggestions and natural abilities. Each family moves through transition in its own particular ways.
  • Find opportunities for your child to successfully participate in their health care; Keep in mind this looks different for each child and family.

Parents Amy, Laurel, Martha, and Ray share examples of how they have helped build confidence in their children.
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