Ever wanted to sleep over at a friend’s house, go to an overnight summer camp, or join a friend on a trip with their family out of state?  Having time away from home can be fun, but it means being in a new place without your parents around to help.  It is normal to be excited and a little nervous, especially if you have a medical condition that you need to treat.

Plan and Practice

It is never too early to plan and practice how to care for yourself or direct others to help. Creating a plan and sharing it with your parents may help you and your parents feel more comfortable.  Our Preparation Worksheets will help you get ready, but first it might help to think about yourself in different situations.

Tools to Help

Think about what your daily routine looks like at home

  • Think about who is usually around?
  • Do you need medicine or take treatments?
  • If so, do you normally do them in a specific place at home?
  • Does anyone usually help you with your medicine or treatments?

Think about how your daily routine might change if you are at a friend’s house for a sleepover

  • Will you have everything you need?
  • Where will you take your medicines or take your treatments?
  • What can you do in advance to make it easier in a new place?

What about if you went to summer camp for a week in another state?

  • How will the new surroundings change your routine?
  • Are there certain activities you should avoid?
  • Are there things you should explain to staff or fellow campers?
  • What will you do if you get sick while away?
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