A care plan is written information about how to best care for your own health needs. It is a way for you to know about, understand, and participate in your care. It is something you and your parents or doctor can make together.

A care plan may include:

  • What medicines you take and when
  • What foods you should avoid
  • How often you get physical therapy
  • What others should do if you have an emergency

How can a care plan help me?

Care plans can help you be active in your own care. They help you get information about your condition and understand your health history. They also help you prepare for spending time away from home or for emergency situations.

A teen with diabetes explains:

“Managing my health condition can be complicated. There are so many parts to keep track of and I can get overwhelmed.”

Creating and filling out a care plan really helps me focus on what questions I need to be asking and what things I need to be thinking about. It allows me to take on more responsibility for my own health. I print out copies of my care plan and make a list of people I should share it with. It makes talking to them much easier and I don’t forget anything. My swim coach, friends, and teachers really appreciate it!”

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