Building your parents’ trust is the way you show your parents that you are responsible and can handle aspects of your own health care.

Prove you are ready to increase your independence

Earning trust takes time, but it opens the door to many more opportunities. As a teen with a chronic health condition, it is important to show your parents that you are responsible and can handle aspects of your own health care. This takes time. Start small by following your parents’ rules. It shows you are trustworthy and respect their wishes.

As you built trust, show your parents that you are ready to take on more management of your health condition. Think of something you always rely on your parents for, and start doing it yourself. The more responsibility you successfully take on, the more comfortable your parents will be in allowing you to be independent.

Find common ground

You and your parents may have different ideas about how ready you are to take care of your health care needs. You may think you are ready and your parents may not.

Your parents may be more willing to give you more independence when you all agree on a shared goal.  For example, you may all agree that you need to know what your medicines are and when to take them. Begin building trust by showing that you are able to take your medicines every time, without being reminded.


Make a plan

Come up with a plan and ask your parents to sit down and discuss it with you.  Here are a few tips:

  • Write down your goals:  Be clear about what it is you want to do and when you hope to do it.
  • Take small steps:  What can you do today, tomorrow, this week?
  • Lay out each action needed to move towards your goal.
  • Think of what you need to help you reach your goal.
  • Show why your ideas will work.
  • Work with your parents to agree on what is expected of you.
  • Be organized:  If you take this seriously, your parents will too.


Be prepared for challenges

What if your parents don’t like your plan? Ask why they feel this way.  Listening to their concerns may give you tips on how to adjust your plan.  And remember to be patient!

Building trust and showing that you are responsible takes time. Everyone needs to feel comfortable that you will continue to be safe. Celebrate your successes and build on them over time.

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