Just as every child with special needs is unique, so too is each parent, family member, and caregiver.  No one type of support is right for all people.  We’ve selected a sample of resources that parents have found useful along the way.

Organizations that can help you connect with other parents:

  • Washington State Fathers Network – Serves fathers and families of children with special needs in Washington State.  Includes resources, support groups, essays from fathers, and newsletters.

Sibling Support Project

National effort dedicated to the life-long concerns and opportunities of brothers and sisters of people who have special health, developmental, or mental health concerns.

Hear Other Parent Experiences

Listen to these experiences from parents who found support and connection in different ways.

Read About Other Parents’ Experiences

Here are a few essays, book lists, and story collections to get you started:

  • Common Bonds – An essay on the experience of parenting a child with special health care needs Meg Comeau, former Coordinator of Boston Children’s Hospital Family-to-Family Program.

Find Professional Help

There may be times when getting support from a professional is what you are seeking. There are a variety of providers to whom you can turn such as therapists, counselors, doctors, social workers, clergy, or spiritual leaders. Friends, family, or health care providers can often be your best resources for recommendations.

Resources to help guide your search for professional support:

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