Parent Support Program

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Supporting from a place of knowing, without judgement and with the intention of compassionate understanding

Parents of children newly diagnosed with special health care needs often want to talk with another parent of a child with the same or a similar diagnosis. The Parent Support Program (PSP) at Seattle Children's connects Washington State families who are in the beginning stages of learning about their child's special health care needs with parent volunteers who have experienced a similar situation.

The parent connections take place primarily over the telephone with the purpose of providing emotional, practical, and informational support. 

Our program coordinator facilitates the one-on-one parent matches with a number of things in mind, including:

  • Needs and concerns of the parent and family
  • Child's diagnosis and age
  • Type of treatment the child will experience

If we are unable to find a suitable match for you, we enlist the help of other community-based "Parent-to-Parent" programs and other support organizations throughout the state or nation.

For More Information:

If you are interested in participating in the Parent Support Program, please contact Lawrie Williams, PSP Coordinator, at (206 987-1119 or send her an email.

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