Support and Connection for Families

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Mom holding daughter with blanketJust as every child with special needs is unique, so too is each parent, family member, and caregiver.  No one type of support is right for all people.  We've selected a sample of resources that parents have found useful along the way.

Read About Other Parents' Experiences

Here are a few essays, book lists, and story collections to get you started:

  • Common Bonds

    An essay on the experience of parenting a child with special health care needs Meg Comeau, former Coordinator of Boston Children's Hospital Family-to-Family Program
  • All the Silver Linings

    A series of brief essays written by parents for Band-Aides and Blackboards
  • Partnership for Parents

    For parents of children with serious and life threatening illnesses
  • Story Network
    Our collection of parent-authored stories of living positively.

Talk with Other Parents

Many parents find talking with others who face similar challenges to be enormously helpful. This may happen through one-to-one conversations, participating in a support group, or attending a social or educational gathering related to your child's diagnosis.


These are a few links to organizations that can help connect with other parents:

Connect with Others Online

Families describe their experiences with the internet in a variety of ways ranging from immensely helpful to totally overwhelming.  Some families find it supportive to participate on bulletin boards, email groups, or Facebook:

  • Our Kids' email group

    A list serve that has been around for many years and is welcoming of a families of children and youth with a wide range of special health and/or developmental or behavioral needs
  • Madison’s Foundations

    Opportunity for online connections with families of children living with rare conditions
  • Facebook

    Search for pages or groups related to your child’s diagnosis

Find Professional Help

There may be times when getting support from a professional is what you are seeking. There are a variety of providers to whom you can turn such as therapists, counselors, doctors, social workers, clergy, or spiritual leaders. Friends, family, or health care providers can often be your best resources for recommendations.

Here are a few resources to help guide your search for professional support:

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