Having a child with special needs can be a challenge. You may feel confused or overwhelmed, but there are others who can help you. Once you find others who can help you, be sure to fill out a contact list for your child and keep track of all of the resources and contacts in your Care Organizer.

Who to contact for guidance:

  • Public Health Nurses (PHN)  PHNs work in local health departments. They can answer questions about your child’s health, growth and development and help you find local resources.
  • Family Resource Coordinators (FRC) – FRCs provide information about child growth and development, coordinate resources and services for your family, and find screening for your child if you have concerns about his or her development.
  • Health Care Providers include doctors, nurses, therapists, or social workers who can tell you about available services and resources and help coordinate your child’s care.
  • People at Your Child’s School including teachers, school nurses, counselors, or therapists can help your child with medications, equipment, therapies and homework. If your child goes to a private school, you can still get help from the public school system.
  • Other Parents– can tell you about their experiences, give you tips, tell you about helpful providers, and give you hope.  Parent to Parent and The Fathers Network are two parent-run organizations that provide emotional and informational support to parents.
  • WithinReach ASK (Answers for Special Kids) Family Health Hotline– The WithinReach ASK (Answers for Special Kids) Family Health Hotline may also be able to help if you live in Washington State. They can be reached at 1-800-322-2588.

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