Emergency Preparedness for Children with Special Needs

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In an emergency, we all have to plan to be self sufficient, and possibly spend several days without utilities, medical aid or communications. Preparing for an emergency is difficult for any parent, and as a parent caring for a child with special needs, you have extra things to think about.

Try to reflect on your child's needs if there was:

    Child with backpack held by father with smiling mother in background
  • No water, electricity, telephone, heat, air conditioning, or refrigeration
  • No local access to prescription refills or health products
  • Separation from family members
  • Confinement to home or evacuation to a shelter or elsewhere
  • Limited health care access and emergency rescue services
  • A lack of transportation

A parent of a child with special needs explains, “I used to get overwhelmed about emergency preparedness, but once I broke it down into small steps it got easier. I put a few items on my shopping list and got other supplies at second hand stores and the Red Cross. I feel better knowing I'm ready instead of worrying about getting ready."

Here are a few tools to help you be prepared, in case of an emergency:

We wish to thank the Washington Family to Family Health Information Center and the American Red Cross-Seattle Chapter for assistance with this information.