Learn about services if you have concerns about your child’s development, or educational needs as they relate to disability, health or specially designed instruction and find Washington State educational resources.

  • Developmental Concerns & Early Intervention

    How to identify possible areas of concern for your child and access early intervention services.

  • Special Education

    Learn the basics of special education for children and youth ages 3-21 and how to get started.

  • Individual Education Program (IEP)

    School-aged children who qualify for special education have an IEP. Learn what an IEP is, how it is administered, and more.

  • The 504 Plan

    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a federal civil rights law which prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities. It applies to any school which receives federal funds.

    School-aged children who need accommodations or a health management plan may have a 504 plan. Learn about 504 plans and find condition-specific examples.

  • Building Partnerships

    Find tips and strategies for communicating and working with your child’s education team.

  • Dispute Resolution & Your Child’s Legal Rights

    Where to turn when you have concerns about your child’s special education services, 504 plan or legal rights.