About Us

Please consider a donation to the Seattle Children’s Center for Children with Special Needs. We are funded primarily through contracts, endowments and individual donations.

Your donation will support an endowment for the Center to:

  • Provide resource information and educational materials to help parents
  • Design and implement ways to improve care through partnerships with families, health plans and health providers
  • Develop innovative, practical ways to make school and health systems work better for children with special needs

How to Donate

Donations for the Center for Children with Special Needs are collected through the Seattle Children’s Make a Donation page.

  • You can donate either by mail or online.
  • Please note: Under the I want my gift to go to: section in both the online and print form, please be sure to enter Center for Children with Special Needs Endowment in the “Other” area.

We thank you for your generous support.

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